* Can I use my Print Credit toward digital files?        

The Print Credit can be used for any products.  My goal is for you to have images that allow you to remember this special time in your life. I believe the best way for you to do that is to see those images displayed in your home. However, sometimes people would like to use the images from their sessions for cards, social media, etc., so I allow you to use the credit towards any products you would like, including High Resolution Digital Files.

* What is your "minimum order" requirement?

I do not have any order minimums. You can order as many or as few items as you would like. Everyone has different needs. My goal is to help you meet your needs.

* What should we wear?

I LOVE to help my clients choose outfits that will photograph well and help each person look their best. I do in person consults or consults by text or email.  You can also see some suggestions on the "What to Wear" page.

* How long do we have to wait to see our final images?

We know you are excited to see the images from your sessions! We are too!! I try to finish each season as quickly as possible and can give you an approximate time frame at the time of you session. I try to have every session ready for ordering within 2 weeks. Peak season or special circumstances for a session (i.e. an extended family session) might require a longer processing time.

*It is hard for me to pick from online galleries, can we see printed proofs instead of an online gallery of final images?

YES! I love to use this method! I personally need to see and "feel" the images in my hands and be able to sort through each image in person when choosing images to display in my own home. Just let me know if you are interested in seeing printed proofs and sitting down to select the perfect images for your home. We can set that appointment at the time of your session.

*What if my child doesn't cooperate during the session?

Children are all unique. I try to capture them as they are. As a Mom, I understand that you want images of your child looking straight at the camera with a beautiful smile. I want that too! And I do my best to get that from each subject. I have found that when parents are relaxed and let me do the talking with the children, they respond better than if Mom and Dad get on to them. Children will be stressed if parents are stressed. If they need a break and need to play for a few minutes, I let them play. Some of my favorite images are of children being themselves in between posed shots. I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well. But don't worry, if we don't get images of your children that you LOVE we will reschedule for a different time when they are feeling more "photo ready".

*Can you: "photoshop that out", "make me look skinny", "make me look taller"?

I can and do edit small blemishes.  If you or your child has a blemish, scrape or bruise on their face or body that will show in an image, I suggest using a little concealer to help hide it. This will make any editing I have to do look as natural as possible. It is also a good idea to let me know ahead of time that  you would like something edited out and I will be able to keep that in mind when shooting. 

I do not edit out things like moles, birthmarks, scars or braces. These are things that are permanent or in the case of braces represent a time in their life that is being captured and represent who you are.

I do my best to pose all of my subjects in the most flattering way possible. But I do NOT photoshop pounds "off" a body or inches "onto" legs. I find those images tend to look unnatural and I tend to see the beauty in ALL people of every size, shape and color.

I also am happy to help you find clothing that is comfortable and flattering to your body shape.